The effortless way to diaper an active baby

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The effortless way to diaper an active baby

The secret to reducing the time you spend diapering your baby.

As your baby grows and starts exploring their world, it can be hard to keep up with them. Diaper changes, in particular, can become quite the challenge as you chase your moving baby down and try to get them to stay still long enough to put a fresh baby diaper on. With enough practice and the right pair of diapers, changing your baby’s diapers will become second nature in no time! Here are some tips to make diapering your baby absolutely effortless. 

Diapers designed for speed

We designed Huggies® Naturemade Pants specifically to help parents, like you, who need a quicker, easier way to diaper their restless babies. They have the same absorbency and comfort you’re used to with Huggies® Naturemade Diapers but with the added convenience of pants. Simply step in, pull up and go. You can diaper your baby while they’re standing and be done before they run off again. With the easy open sides, removing them is quick and easy too.

How to use Huggies® Platinum Pants

  1. Get ready. Make sure you have everything you need to diaper your baby on your changing pad/changing table. 
  2. Clean up. Wipe your baby's diaper area down with a cloth or baby wipes, reducing any chance of diaper rash on their sensitive skin.
  3. Step in. Get your baby to step into the diaper, just like they would step into a pair of pants.
  4. Pull up. The stretchy sides make it easy to pull the pants up and keep your active baby comfortable as they run, play and explore.
  5. Open up. The side seams are easy to open so you can remove the pants like a normal diaper when it's time for diaper changing. 

Click here to request a free sample of Huggies® Naturemade Pants.

More helpful tips for diapering an active baby

  • Make diaper change time a game. See how high you have to count before you are all finished. Or place a mystery object under the pants that your toddler has to hold on to with their eyes closed while they step into their pants.
  • If your baby is in the middle of an activity, let them decide if they would like to finish up first or would like to stop for a diaper change.
  • Get your baby involved by making it their job to fetch the fresh pants or to get a wet wipe out of the pack.
  • Always be prepared when you're out and about! Ensure that your diaper bag is stocked and ready to go before heading out with your baby. 

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