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How To Manage Baby Eczema

How to Manage Eczema

             Gain their cooperation

             Distract the child to prevent them from scratching

             Become familiar with the child’s response to different environmental conditions

             Educate yourself and others about the condition and learn to be sympathetic

             Reduce stress for both yourself and the child

             See your doctor if the eczema continues to flare.

How do you avoid an eczema outbreak?

Many things can be done to avoid an eczema outbreak.

Most importantly, the skin should be kept moist by using a daily moisturiser. Other ways to prevent an outbreak include:

             Wearing 100 per cent cotton or soft fabrics – avoiding rough, scratchy fibres and tight clothing

             Using rubber gloves with cotton liners

             Having lukewarm baths and showers using a non-soap cleanser or hypoallergenic bath oil and avoiding extremely hot water

             Gently patting, not rubbing, the skin dry with a soft towel

             Applying a moisturiser within three minutes after bathing to “lock in” the moisture

             When possible, avoiding rapid changes of temperature and activities that raise a sweat

             Removing carpets and rugs from houses (if possible) and giving pets dander treatments

             Ventilating the house as often as possible

             Avoiding stuffed toys which harbour dust mites

             Changing bed linen regularly, vacuuming mattresses regularly for dust mites and avoiding feather-filled pillows

             Reducing daily stress

             Learning what triggers eczema and how to avoid them.

For more information see Baby eczema or Baby Care.

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