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Pregnancy Health Care

Of all the things to cut out while you are pregnant, smoking really needs to be at the very top of your list.
Here's what all moms need to know about caffeine consumption during pregnancy.
Take note on pregnancy nutrition and be careful about what you eat when you are pregnant. We provide a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy on Huggies.
Eating Fish During Pregnancy: What's Safe and What Isn't
How to eat twice as well, not twice as much, when you’re pregnant.
Physical Changes
Constipation is one of the most common health issues during pregnancy. Find out how to best treat this condition at Huggies.   
Discharge occurs, whether a woman is pregnant or not. Being able to identify unsafe discharge is important during pregnancy. Find out how do tell, here.
Your skin can become itchy during pregnancy, it is common. Read more here about the cause of itchy skin, how you can relieve and treat the condition.
Pregnancy Lifestyle
Check out maternity bras and see what to look for in it and how to fit a maternity bra. Also go through the maternity bra checklist for tips.
Check out what are the clothing options for maternity.
It is not new that lifestyle changes will be made while pregnant. Read through out wardrobe tips, travel guide and more, to help makes sense of it all.
Pregnancy Wellbeing
If you need answers to your questions and guidance on a wide variety of pregnancy issues, look no further. Check out these top 10 questions commonly asked by moms-to-be!
Huggies shares several safe options for your massage during pregnancy to reduce your stress and help you feel closer to your baby.
Your life is already busy without the added responsibilities of being pregnant. Coping with stress can be tricky. Read on to get tips on how to deal with it.
Get information on deep vein thrombosis in pregnancy, risk factors, signs and symptoms and dangers through Huggies Singapore.
Preeclampsia is a disorder which usually develops in the second half of gestation. Find out more about the symptoms and risks of preeclampsia here.
Is MSG safe for pregnant women? Read on to find out more. 
Huggies shares with you the miscarriage indicators and when is the soonest you should get medical help when these indicators appear. Read more on the possible miscarriage symptoms.
Coping with miscarriage could be far from easy especially when you have been trying to conceive for a long time. Read all about how to deal with grief here.
Some couples try almost immediately to get pregnant after miscarriage. Others feel that this is way too soon and they need more time to recover their emotional and sexual mojo.

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