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Tooth Tips

Tooth Tips

Baby Teething – Tooth Tips

So now you’ve worked out how to take care of your children’s teeth the question is how do you encourage them to eat healthy foods that are good for their teeth? Of course, some sweets are unavoidable; any parent who has had to do the grocery shopping with children can probably confirm this. They are fine in moderation but don’t forget to give their teeth a thorough clean afterwards.

What are some fun snacks that they can have that are healthy too?

             Apples (sliced across the apple so that they can eat around the star in the centre)

             Pikelets (low in sugar) topped with just about anything.

             Fruit faces (any fruit you like, and let your kids help to create it)

             Cucumber, carrot (cooked for the younger ones) and cheese sticks

             Cold hard-boiled egg (you can create a funny face with sultanas and grated carrot, for hair)

             Homemade yoghurt (low sugar) ice creams on a stick.

             Homemade muffins (low in sugar)

             “Healthy Bread” cut into shapes and topped with cream cheese and carrot.

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