Newborn Milestones And Development

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Embrace your newborn milestones and development. Huggies shares with you the process of baby growth and some tips on how you can bond with your newborn.

Newborn milestones and development: Lots Going On

In the first few weeks, it may seem that your newborn isn’t doing much of anything except sleeping and eating. But don’t be misled; a lot is going on! Here are some developmental milestones to look out for in your baby. 

1. Bonding for beginners

For one, your baby is learning to rely on you for comfort when it’s needed. Creating this feeling of security and trust is one of the most wonderful gifts parents can bestow on their new baby. A healthy bond between you and your little one is essential as it lays the foundation of your baby's development and well-being throughout childhood.

2. Sleep, bond, sleep, bond 

All new babies do a lot of sleeping, as much as 12 to 16 hours a day, and they usually sleep in two to five hour stretches. Even when new babies are awake their eyes may be closed, and they can only be fully alert for six to ten minutes at a time. Take advantage of these interludes of alertness to strengthen the bond between you and your little one by cuddling, singing or holding a one-sided conversation. These actions stimulate your baby's brain and will aid in their mental development.

3. On the look out

What do newborns see? They do not see too much as they’re near-sighted and see best about eight to ten inches in front of them, just about the distance of a mother’s face as she cradles her baby in her arms. Peripheral vision isn’t yet developed, and a baby’s field of view is about one-third that of an adult. Even so, babies like to look at patterns and bright colours. Bright red seems to intrigue infants most, and shiny red is the best of all. Pastels, on the other hand, appear muddy to a baby - a good reason for making the nursery one of the most colourful rooms in your house.

In the crib, your newborn will face only to one side or the other at first, so hang a colourful mobile on the side of the crib where it’s in the baby’s line of vision.

While a professional may know a lot about babies in general, as you watch, hold, feed, burp and love your baby day after day, you’ll become the best expert on your baby in particular. Only by close observation and a little experimentation can you learn just how much sleep, stimulation and activity your own newborn needs and prefers. All babies grow differently, so it is important to truly understand your baby, especially in their first year, to find out the best way to develop a happy, healthy baby.

4. Gearing up for more

Newborns are also sensitive to inner stimulation. You may see your baby coo, whimper, grimace and appear to be smiling. What’s happening is that your baby’s internal systems are busy at work.

Every child is different, so your baby will reach the developmental milestones at his or her own pace. Of course, whenever you’re in doubt about the proper care for your baby, be sure to consult your doctor.

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