Skin Care Tips

Learn how to keep your newborn baby’s skin healthy with practical tips and advice from our baby skin experts.

Meet Our Experts

There's lots to be learnt to keep your baby’s skin healthy. That's why we got 3 experts, whose experience with babies spans from the hospital to the home, to share what they know.

Dr Wong Boh Boi,
Baby Care Consultant

Dr Wong has over 30 years of experience with babies. A pioneer of confinement nanny training in Singapore, she also established the ParentCraft Centre at Thomson Medical Centre.

Rachel Ang,
Confinement Nanny

Nanny Rachel has helped more than 21 mums care for their newborns during their confinement. She now shares her expertise as a trainer to new confinement nannies too.

Jayme Gabriel,
Former Maternity Nurse

Nurse Jayme spent 3 years in the maternity ward of a private hospital, assisting with childbirth and was responsible for the care of 500 newborn babies during her time as a nurse.

What’s Up with My Baby’s Bottom?

We know it's tricky caring for your baby's delicate skin. That's why Confinement Nanny Rachel and Former Nurse Jayme are here to answer commonly asked questions! In this video series, check out what they have to say about baby skin, especially at the diaper area.

Part 1: What common practices are bad for my baby’s bottom?

Just because our mothers did it when we were young, doesn’t mean it’s good for your baby’s delicate skin. Find out what practices to avoid doing when caring for your newborn.

Part 2: Can diaper-free time prevent diaper rash?

Wondering if your baby needs diaper-free time? Find out when to go without a diaper and how it can help your baby’s skin.

Part 3: How does diaper fit affect my baby’s well-being?

A diaper with a good fit does more than just prevent leaks. Find out what happens if it doesn't fit right.

Part 4: Can I apply oils and lotions on my baby’s bottom?

Natural oils and moisturising lotions are great for your skin. But are they just as suitable for a newborn baby’s?

Tips for Your Baby’s Bottom

Every baby is unique. But the basics of caring for your newborn baby's bottom stays the same. Here are some tried-and-tested tips from our experts that will help you keep your baby’s skin in the pink of health.

Tip 1: Remove stubborn poo on skin with baby oil

If there's poo that has dried up or hardened and is stuck on your baby's bottom, apply some baby oil to soften it before washing away with running water.

Tip 2: Warm cold baby wipes with your hands before cleaning your newborn

Wet wipes can feel cold on the skin when left in air-conditioned rooms.

To avoid startling your baby with a chilly sensation, warm baby wipes in the palms of your hands before wiping their bottom.

Tip 3: Have a separate bathtub for post-poo washing

Set up 2 different bathtubs -- one for washing after your baby poos and another for bathing. This way, you won't have to worry about contamination by bacteria such as E.coli.

Tip 4: Ensure baby’s clothes do not irritate skin

Avoid baby clothes with stitched logos, seams and embroidered tags as these can irritate your baby’s delicate skin.

Tip 5: Use your wrist to test water temperature

When you are bathing your little one or washing their bottom, test the water temperature with the inside of your wrist where the skin is thinner instead of your elbow.

Alternatively, you could use a bath thermometer to get the most accurate temperature.

Tip 6: Smooth out inner flaps of diaper for better comfort

Run your fingers on the inside of the diaper at the waist and thigh areas to ensure that the flaps and elastic bands are flat against your baby's skin.

Any creased flaps can cause abrasion on your baby's skin, while elastic bands not adjusted properly can lead to leakage.

Tip 7: Baby has thunder thighs? Make sure the diaper fits the thighs first

If your baby has big thighs and weight isn’t a good gauge for diaper size, get a bigger diaper that suits the thighs and adjust the tapes to fit the waist.

Or, you can wear the diaper lower by 1/2 inch on your baby's waist so it fits well on the thighs.

Tip 8: Use 1-2 drops of “no rinse” baby soap for baths

It doesn't take a bubbly bath to get your baby fresh and clean. In fact, too much soap may be harsh on your newborn's skin.

All your baby need is 1-2 drops of “no rinse” baby soap.


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