Huggies® Dry Comfort Pants

Our Huggies Dry Comfort provides everyday comfort at an affordable price. With soft stretchy ears that provide a snug fit and gentle leakage protection.
- Quick Dry Layer (Blue Layer): Draws fluid away from your baby's skin helping to keep their skin comfortable.
- 100% Breathability: Allows air to escape up to 10X faster.
Available Sizes
Available in carton and packs for your convenience.
Tailored to your baby's size.
Huggies Nappies Limited Edition
Size M
6 - 12 KG
Huggies Nappies Limited Edition
Size L
9 - 14 KG
Huggies Nappies Limited Edition
Size XL
12 - 17 KG
Huggies Nappies Limited Edition
Size XXL
15 - 25 KG

Features You’ll Love

Just like your little ones

Dry X-pert Technology

X-shaped channel distributes urine acros the pad for fast absorption and lock it in quickly. This helps keeping your baby dry and comfortable.


Designed to fit for comfortable movement and better fit for baby's curves

100% Breathable

Airy gaps which allow fresh air to pass through your baby's skin for a drier and comfortable bum

Double Leak Guards

Gently embrace baby's thighs while providing extra leakage protection

Up to 10 Hours Absorption

So that your baby feels dry all day

What’s Your Next Size
Find the next product for your child’s development
Huggies® Platinum Naturemade Pants

Goodness of Nature for baby's delicate skin.

Huggies® Gold AirSoft Pants

12 hours of comfort so baby can play and sleep easy.

Huggies® Nourishing Clean Cocoa and Shea Butter Baby Wipes

Enriched with cocoa extract and shea butter for 4-in-1 sensitive skincare

Huggies® Little Swimmers

Protection from leaks without swelling in the water

The Huggies Difference
Huggies Tiniest Footprint™

Together, let’s leave the tiniest footprint.

Every day we take steps toward total sustainability. We’ve made it our mission to leave the tiniest footprint and promise a better planet for tomorrow.

For the little ones of today.

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