In this yoga routine, the focus is on gradually restoring and building up your abdominal muscles. You’ll find dandasana and alternate leg raises are wonderfully simple exercises for achieving great results, and you'll gradually recover your pre-baby body including strong and toned abdominals. 
Don’t do this exercise if you have abdominal separation or any other health issues or concerns.


These programs have been created by: Katie Brown yoga teacher and infant massage specialist

Lying dandasana pose & alternate leg raises step by step

Lying dandasana

Remember to keep your breath flowing throughout this yoga exercise. 

  • Lie on your back on your yoga mat or rug
  • Draw back your toes and extend your legs straight upwards so they’re 90 degrees from your torso. Make sure your tailbone is on the ground and relax your shoulders
  • Place your hands at your sides, palms down
  • Put one hand on your belly so you can feel your abdominals working
  • Holding this position gently but effectively works your abdominals. If this is enough for you for now, simply stay in the position. Rest your legs back on the ground when you need to

To challenge yourself further:

  • Keep your legs straight and extended upwards
  • Begin to slowly rotate your legs, with your feet flexed back and your lower back supported on the ground
  • Do small circles one way and then change direction
  • Either continue with the small circles or slowly increase the size of your circles, first one way and then the other
    • The larger the circle the harder your abdominals work, so build up slowly. Always work within your comfort zone
  • When you’re ready to come out, release your legs and lie on your back in shavasna – your legs about hip-distance apart and gently turned out. Have your arms away from your hips, palms up

Alternative leg raises
Focus on your breath while doing this exercise.

  • Lying on your mat or rug, extend your legs upwards and bend your knees at a 90 -degree angle
    • You should be able to see the tips of your toes just above your knees
  • Slower lower your left leg until your foot is just above the ground, hold for a few seconds and then raise back to original position
  • Repeat 10 times on alternate legs
    • Keep your eyes upon your toes and your hands by your sides, palms down. Make sure your tailbone is on the ground and flex your feet
  • To finish, release your legs to the ground, have a big stretch and lie in shavasna for as long you’re able to

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