Viparita Karani

Vipparita karani comes from a Sanskrit term that means “action of inverting”, which sounds rather ambitious even for the most acrobatic of mums. But in reality this is a very gentle and restorative pose with beautiful benefits.
Yogis believe vipparita karani improves pelvic circulation, boosts blow flow to your face, neck, thorax, and improves the performance of your adrenal, pituitary and thyroid glands.
Many people do this pose simply because they say it makes them feel really good, so practice it regularly during your postnatal yoga program and beyond.

These programs have been created by: Katie Brown yoga teacher and infant massage specialist

Viparita karani – legs up the wall pose step by step

  • Place a folded blanket lengthways along a clear section of wall
  • In a sitting position, place your left side snugly against the wall
  • Carefully lower your upper body to the ground and swing your legs up the wall
  • Place your arms near your sides and away from your hips, palms facing up
  • Tuck your chin gently towards your neck
    • Check that your blanket is under your lower and mid-back from your tailbone to up past your kidneys, leaving your upper back released to the floor
  • Allow the pose to work its magic as your body sinks into the floor
  • Feel the comfort of being completely supported and allow yourself to let go. You may like to put an eye pillow over your eyes and cover yourself with a blanket

If you’re uncomfortable in the hamstrings, come out of the pose and move your blanket out a bit from the wall. Settle back into the pose.

  • Scan your body and release any tight spots while observing your breath. Notice the warmth of exhaled breath and the coolness of inhaled breath
  • Stay here for as long as you’re able to
  • When you’re ready to come out, slowly turn your head from side to side, allowing your head to feel completely relaxed and supported
  • Then bend your knees up to your chest and use your hands to circle them in both directions. This will gently massage your back
  • To finish, roll over onto one side
  • Stay here briefly before slowly sitting up
  • Take time to sit and enjoy these peaceful moments

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