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Maternity Evening Wear

Maternity Evening Wear

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t exclude you from dressing up or attending formal events. You just need the right outfit to look and feel great.

But I really haven’t got a thing to wear!

Although this is the commonly heard lament of many women, during pregnancy it really can be the truth. This is especially the case for pregnant women who need to dress up with something glamorous. Maternity evening wear can certainly be bought from speciality shops, department stores and online, and it often attracts a hefty price.

So if you’re in the situation of needing to source a very dressy item of clothing, consider first what amount you are willing to spend and if you are likely to be getting more than one occasion of wear out of it. That way you’ll be less likely to let emotions and anxiety influence your decision. And haven’t we all had that type of retail experience?

Options when it comes to maternity evening wear

  • Recycle something from your usual wardrobe and adjust it to fit. If you’re handy with sewing or know someone who is, think about up-cycling what you have, rather than buying something new.
  • If you have a dress with a high waist or an elasticised middle, then wear that. As long as you’re not too big then you won’t need to worry about stretching it out of shape.
  • Separates such as pants or a skirt with an elasticised waist are ideal when worn with a classy top or tunic.
  • Wear a maternity belly band with one of your normal pairs of pants or a skirt.
  • Borrow from a friend or source something suitable second hand. Just because you don’t have the ideal item of maternity evening wear in your wardrobe doesn’t mean that your friends won’t.
  • If you have to buy one new, special piece, make it a top. Then it doesn’t really matter what you’re wearing on the bottom, especially if you’re going to be sitting down for a large portion of the time.
  • You’re not limited to buying maternity wear if you buy something which is made from stretchy fabric. You’ll get more use out of the same garment after your baby is born.
  • Black is very forgiving and always looks good for night time. It’s also a great choice no matter how much money you’ve spent on a garment; very cheap articles of black clothing can still look very expensive, especially when they are new.
  • Wear something which makes you feel great and puts a smile on your face. If you feel good you’re going to look good too.
  • Take your time when you’re getting ready and dressing. Rushing is not good and a big part of getting ready to go somewhere special is the preparation beforehand. Unless your social calendar demands you need to often go out in the evenings when you’re pregnant, this will be one of those times when you really should make the most of it and enjoy the journey.

Ways to look glamorous when wearing maternity evening wear

  • Great shoes always dress up an outfit, whether pregnant or not. Strappy, diamante type sandals look great especially after a pedicure. They also don’t need to be expensive to look good.
  • Even if you’re recycling a pre-pregnancy outfit, a trip to the hairdresser and some volume, curls, backcombing or a blow-dry can make all the difference to self esteem and appearance.
  • Invest in some new makeup and lipstick. Red lippy can look very dramatic and completely transform your look whether you're pregnant or not. Similarly, dark eyeliner and lots of mascara help to make your eyes the focus of attention. So take some lessons from the professionals and make sure you leave yourself enough time to get your makeup right.
  • Go to a large department store and have a chat with one of the cosmetic assistants. Ask them to suggest some different make up colours for your skin type. Many will do a trial make up session and if you time this to happen late in the afternoon before your outing, you’ll be set.
  • Accessories can bridge the divide between ordinary and fabulous. Beg, borrow or bargain your way into your friend’s wardrobes and ask for a loan of their most glamorous bits and pieces.
  • Don’t try to hide your bump under shapeless layers of fabric. Be proud of your pregnant belly and show it off with pride! A close fitting, body hugging dress or top with pants/skirt can look absolutely fabulous on a pregnant woman as long as she is confident and looks content in her skin.
  • If you are keen to distract attention away from your belly, wear an eye-catching necklace or pair of earrings, a scarf or hair accessory which will draw the eye upwards and away from your mid-section.
  • Horizontal stripes give the illusion of added width, so if you’re trying to appear svelte and tall, go for something which has vertical stripes.
  • Similarly, a small print rather than large geometric shapes can give the appearance of a body being contained and neat.
  • Make sure your underwear is supportive and not obvious through what you’re wearing. A good maternity bra is an investment and you don’t need to be tugging at wires and straps all evening. Get properly fitted and take the time to do your research. Remember, if you’re wearing white or a light colour, then nude or beige coloured underwear will be less visible.
  • Avoid wearing shapewear when you are pregnant. The discomfort is just not worth it and this is a period in your life when you don’t need to be any more uncomfortable.
  • A high waisted dress which sits under the bust line and flows to the hemline always looks very glamorous and classy. A ribbon tied as a belt above the baby bump is another way to add a bit of style.
  • Jersey fabrics are very forgiving and accommodating, no matter what stage of pregnancy. But if you are very advanced you may want to wear a long line camisole underneath just to give some added layering and better coverage.
  • It’s perfectly fine for pregnant women to look sexy and glamorous and not always default to the cute option. Slinky fabrics and close fitting fabrics and pants can look fabulous on pregnant women who are confident and able to carry it off with style.

If you are still unsure of what to wear, ask the advice of a trusted friend whose guidance you respect. If you’re tempted to buy something out of desperation, think again. One great strategy to avoid making expensive last minute clothing decisions is to ask the shop to hold the garment for an hour or so and then walk away. Once out of the store you’ll be able to think more clearly and make the decision to either return and buy it, or keep looking.

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