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Baby Due Date Calculator

Baby Due Date Calculator

Not sure when are you due? Use our Due Date Calculator

What an amazing feeling! You’re pregnant.

Now you'll want to know when your baby is due – instead of calculating your baby’s due date by counting on your fingers, adding and subtracting weeks and dividing by days, simply use the Huggies due date calculator to work out your approximate due date. This way, you can simply cross off the days one-by-one on your calendar and before you know it, your baby is ready to meet you.

How does the Huggies pregnancy calculator work?

In simple terms, your baby’s due date (and the length of your pregnancy!) is around 38 weeks from the day of conception. However, the day of conception is often not known, so the standard for due date calculation works by counting 40 weeks from the first day of the last normal menstrual period (LNMP).

Assuming your cycle is 28 days, your baby was only waiting to be conceived in the first 2 weeks of your 40 gestational weeks of pregnancy. At the start of your third gestational week, your baby has been created and by the week’s end, your baby is already one week old!

Our pregnancy calculator will help you work out your conception date. You can also find out the dates of the end of your first and second trimesters, and of course your estimated due date! Simply enter the first day of your last normal menstrual period as well as the length of the menstrual cycle, click “calculate my due date” and all the hard work is done.

The exact due date will vary slightly depending on the length of your cycle – remember the Huggies due date calculator is an estimate only.

What now?

The pregnancy calculator has given you an idea of when your due date is, so now it’s time to get planning! It’s a thrill to follow your baby’s development every week of your pregnancy – there’s always something new and exciting happening as your baby grows.

Huggies has a treasure trove of practical tools, articles, tips and advice to help you and your partner along your pregnancy journey. From the moment that you discover that you are pregnant, to helping you manage morning sickness, Huggies will lend you a guiding hand through these exciting 9 months. Discover what fascinating milestones you will experience, the physical transformations that both you and your baby will go through during your pregnancy, and all the intriguing things your baby gets up to leading up to the big day.


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