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Week 30 Pregnancy

Even if you don't usually show your emotions, by 30 weeks pregnant you may be feeling more emotional than usual. Watching the news or listening to sad stories can prompt a surge of empathy and a fresh batch of tears. Somehow, the human experience seems so much more intense and personal when you're pregnant. This does not mean you are a candidate for postnatal depression or at more risk than any other new mother. It is completely normal to feel more emotionally fragile at this stage. Nature has a way of softening mothers so that they can be more sensitively attuned to their babies and better able to nurture them.

What’s changing in your body

  • You could want to pee more frequently from now on. Your baby is getting bigger and their close vicinity to your bladder means that it won't take much urine volume to make you feel uncomfortable. Try not to rush out of the toilet too quickly though. It's important to completely empty your bladder each time you go, to avoid the risk of developing a urinary tract infection.
  • Insomnia may plague you now, despite how tired you are when you go to bed. This is a common condition in the third trimester and there is little that can be done about it. Other than trying to keep a regular bedtime routine, avoiding caffeine in the afternoons, aiming for a quiet wind down before bed and ensuring a supportive, comfortable bed, most women find there is little else they can try. Some white noise, such as a whirling fan or playing some relaxation music may also be helpful. Sedation is not recommended during pregnancy and taking sleeping tablets can be too risky. Instead, try a milk drink, experiment with lots of pillows in your bed, lie on your side and rest your upper leg on a long pillow. Try moving your computer and mobile phone out of the bedroom as well.
  • You may be troubled by varicose veins in your legs now. They are not helped by the pressure of your uterus on the major blood vessels in your pelvis. Unfortunately, they are likely to get worse before they get better. Some women develop varicose veins in their vulva, a particularly uncomfortable condition especially if combined with haemorrhoids. Supportive underwear with a Lycra component, support panty hose, cooling showers and not standing for long periods can all help. Watch your weight gain and elevate your legs and feet whenever you can. There is usually relief of varicose veins after birth, though some women can continue to experience them.

How your emotions are affected

  • Concentrating on the task at hand can take some mental strength when you're in your 3rd trimester. If you're procrastinating and finding every excuse to do something other than what you should be, try using an egg timer as a prompt. Make a deal with yourself that you'll focus for an hour and then have a break.
  • If you’re still working, you may find it hard to focus on other people's agendas. Ask your manager about working from home or doing another, less taxing job for the remaining few weeks. A certificate from you doctor may be necessary if you're considering going onto lighter duties.

How your baby is growing

Third Trimester: Week 30

  • Your baby is around 43cm this week and weighs approximately 1.5 kg. From now on, your baby will literally pack on weight. Enjoy your food and take pleasure in it. You can eat anything in moderation and that includes the occasional treat. If you're craving particular foods, give in to them. If you don't, you'll find they are all you can think about. Just remember to avoid foods which may contain listeria.
  • More fat is forming under your baby's skin and they are starting to look rounder and less frail. The loose folds of skin are being filled out from the inside.
  • Your baby's brain has grown and their nervous system is almost mature.
  • Your baby may be lying any which way this week, head up, head down, to the side and even across your belly. The opportunity for them to do complete somersaults is quickly disappearing as they continue to grow and take up space in your uterus.
  • Your baby's fingernails are almost at the end of their fingertips this week. Some babies need their nails cut in the first few days after birth, otherwise they scratch their little faces.

Tips for the week

  • Make a list of questions for when you go to your prenatal appointments. Having pregnancy brain can cause your brain to be as retentive as a sieve. Forgetting what seemed so important can cause you to feel frustrated and angry with yourself. So jot them down as they crop up.
  • Start preparing the baby's nursery by organising the cot, pram, baby bath and clothing. 

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