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Baby Sun Tips

Tips for protecting children from the sun

1. Avoid sun in the middle of the day

             Plan the day’s activities to reduce your your own as well as your baby/child’s exposure to the sun, especially between 11am and 3pm in daylight saving time.

2. Dress children in sun smart clothing and sunglasses

             Cover as much of your baby’s skin with loose-fitting clothes made from closely-woven fabrics. Choose a hat that protects your baby’s face, neck and ears.

3. Keep little ones in the shade

             Encourage children to play in shaded areas. If good natural shade is unavailable consider building a permanent or portable shade structure. The structure should be big enough so that children can play comfortably within the shadow. Provide shade for your baby’s pram and stroller with material that casts a dark shadow.

4. Always use sunscreen

             SPF 30 should be applied prior to going outside. We have lots more information about Sunscreen and babies and toddlers.

5. Keep babies out of the sun

             Aim to keep babies out of the sun as much as possible especially during the times of peak UVR.

6. Protect your baby from sunburn in the car

             Glass reduces the transmission of most UVR, but not all, therefore your baby will still need protection on long trips in the car. Window shades or tinting provide extra protection.


For more information see Baby sun care or Baby Care.


This information is adapted from the Cancer Council NSW.

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