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Week 15 Pregnancy

By the time you are 15 weeks pregnant, that new burst of energy you've been looking forward to has probably kicked in. You would realize that you are able to enjoy food as you normally do and look forward to meal times instead of dreading them. Try to have a wide variety of foods which will help your body stay healthy and support your baby's growth as well.

You may be developing a bit of a tummy by now. You'll definitely be feeling pregnant and you could find your legs and back are aching if you've been standing for a while. You're not quite at the stage of walking with a waddle, but there may be a small change to the way you normally walk.

Your sleeping habits could be changing too, as you need to rearrange yourself in bed to find a more comfortable position to lie in. If you've always been a tummy sleeper, you may be discovering this is getting to be more difficult because your belly gets in the way. Think about investing in a long pillow which you can mould around your body and legs. These can be a great aid to sleeping and you'll get your money's worth by the end of your pregnancy.

What’s changing in your body

  • Don't be surprised if your shoes are feeling a little tight. You may find your shoe size increasing by at least a size towards the end of your pregnancy, perhaps even more.
  • If you've never had a nose bleed, don't be alarmed if you start having them now. All that venous engorgement will make you more prone to the sniffles, nasal congestion and nose bleeds. Nose bleeds usually stop on their own but it's important to not panic and just sit quietly until they do.
  • Those pimples are probably clearing and your skin isn't so spotty. Keep up your usual cleansing and moisturising regime. You may find your skin to be oilier and you need to change your moisturiser to suit.
  • Your breasts may still be the biggest part of you currently. It's as if a switch has been turned on making them heavy, sensitive and sore. If you find that your usual bra size just isn't big enough, get properly fitted for new maternity bras. They are an essential wardrobe item during pregnancy.

How your emotions are affected

  • There's something very grounding about the second trimester of pregnancy, when you're awash with hormones and a sense of all being good with the world. Think about doing some yoga, massage, aqua aerobics or tai chi.
  • You could find yourself preoccupied with peering at your tummy all the time, looking for any increase in size. Sometimes you may be sure you're looking bigger, though other times you might not. It really depends on what's happening behind your uterus, not so much what's inside it. If your bowel is distended, it will make your tummy stick out more.
  • The thought of your due date being so far away can make this seem an endless time. Although you know there's all this activity going on in your tummy, there's still not much to see and no end in sight. Try to do something every day which gives you pleasure and isn't work or baby related. You still have your personality and interests which need stimulation and you shouldn’t put them on hold just because of pregnancy.

How your baby is growing

Second Trimester: Week 15


  • There’s lots of arm and leg waving going on this week. There's not much coordination to it all. Just lots of splashing about and then long sleeps to recover. Wait a week or two and you'll be feeling the effects of all that movement too.
  • The three small bones in your baby's inner ear start forming this week, so they will be able to hear you. Practice singing to it, saying hello and generally building an emotional connection.
  • Your baby's legs are now longer than their arms and their little head is no longer their biggest body part. Their body is becoming longer and is not as flexed and curled up on itself.

Tips for the week

  • Drink lots of clean, fresh tap water every day. The fluoride in it will help your baby's tooth formation and the building of protective enamel. It also helps to liquefy your saliva and keep you mentally alert.
  • Avoid getting a urinary tract infection if you can. This is a common condition during pregnancy and though not a major problem, it can be more than a little irritating. Drink lots of water and wipe from the front to the back after you urinate. Before and after having sex, go to the toilet and empty your bladder. Consult your doctor if you notice an odour or experience burning/scalding sensations during urination.
  • Cranberry juice has good protective qualities and is high in Vitamin C as well. This is an important nutrient right now as it helps your body absorb iron from food and supports the formation of connective tissue in your baby.

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